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Hunted - Part 3 :iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Mature content
Adventures In Lust 2 :iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
The Pit
Face down in the pit, I lay,
awaiting your killing blow;
a somber gale to take me away.
Cheapened by my bitter tears,
the cretins demand a show,
a punishment for my fears.
A pint of blood should do,
but the sweat can't hurt though;
maybe some urine too.
Disgrace is a fitting title.
Carve it through my chest;
do so with a smile.
The moment is for the taking,
it happens only once;
a mere blink would be ruining.
Face down in the pit, I lay,
a tattered, quiet mess.
In the pit I shall stay.
Face down in the pit, I lay;
breathless and still,
the crowd has nothing to say.
Face down in the pit, I stay,
under the brightening sky.
May it wash me away.
:iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Mature content
Kein The Otter :iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Title Pending
Frozen in the panes of glass,
Guilt of our century lives on.
It chills us to the core,
and recalls the mighty beast.
Living for the great today,
our souls linger in the static;
held together through the dust
of a promise's last reverb.
I shake the still of our hearts,
with a solemn cry in paradise.
I know how this world works,
and so shall the reckless.
There is still a purpose here;
a reason to fall from grace.
Courage can see you through it,
and love will reignite you.
Soldier on with my drumbeat;
trust it to pave a new road,
devoid of signs or structures.
A new freedom for your world.
Flip open the owner's manual,
and rip out every last page.
Crumple the lies until the end,
and return them to the author.
This is the end of complacency;
the hounds hunger for something more.
Lose the blinders on your mind,
and satisfy that deeper thirst.
No one will know it better,
or imagine as beautifully as now.
Solitude may be your legacy,
but it won't haunt your memory.
The world is heavy today,
:iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Mature content
Adventures In Lust -1 :iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Discernably Ludicrous - 2
One of the best times to be a wayward wanderer is during the holidays.  The sidewalks are packed to the brim with irate passerby; tires beat the streets unmercifully; the air is warmer purely because of the throngs of weary shoppers.  My favorite thing has got to be seeing them get into arguments over ownership of a parking space.  Nothing is quite as special as witnessing the handicapped grandma tear off a soccer mom's jaw with the end of her walker.  I love those types of moments: they can never happen enough.
Tonight my travels bring me to the mall downtown, and what a sight it is!  I work inside the mall, but I have dutifully avoided its grounds as much as possible.  Aside from normally waking up by the time the place is closed, I can only take so much of a crowd; even if their collective exploits provide so much entertainment.  Though, this being the weekend (and sleep eluding me once again), I thought it can't
:iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Mature content
Discernably Ludicrous - 1 :iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Hunted - Part 2
Cold air brushes against the slumbering Fox, stirring him from uneasy dreams about what may happen to him when he steps outside.  Stranded, and very isolated, all Hound's thoughts circled what might happen if he ran into those terrible creatures.  Just like the passengers of his flight home, he could not see them; if one were to find him, he will never know until feeling the sting of their serrated claws.  Coupled with the bitter breeze, the thought forces him to sit up and rub his eyes to focus themselves.  Blurred vision receding, Hound finds natural light breaking through the mesh of piping and wires: the 'door' is open.  Sliding himself backward into the opposite wall of monitors, Hound looks around for whom may have opened it.  "Maybe the door opened on its own," Hound thinks to himself, noting no one on either side of the room.  The door swiftly closes, and the sultry atmosphere returns to the enclosure. &
:iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0
Hunted - Part 1
The mountain range determinedly stands its ground against the whirling sirens, forcing the bitter cold through crevices and valleys; their detour seemingly intensifying their impact against the lone Fox's fur.  Every gust makes him want to collapse and curl close to the snow, hoping the winds may shift their assault to some other unlucky soul.  Of course, he knows better than to do that.  If he decided to curl up against the wind he'd surely be buried under the snow, ruining any chances he might still have to be rescued.  Though he doesn't know where he is, or how he got there, the determined Fox knows a search crew should be along soon.  After all, who would charter aircraft through mountain ranges and not have some kind of contingency plan, right?
"Come on, Hound," he mutters to himself, through chattering teeth and tear filled eyes.  "You can make it to the top.  You can do this!"  At some point, he fell
:iconhoundthisfox:HoundThisFox 0 0


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So, to introduce myself, I am Hound.  For those wondering, I am a Furry, and yes many of my works will be geared in that direction.  Really, the whole fandom is a great way to lift creative inhibitions, so that's how I use it mostly.  I was on here prior as an amateur photographer, but I kinda fell out of that when I realized I get more from writing, so I got rid of a dead account and made this one; hopefully it will stay alive far longer.

Now for the fun stuff: I am quite the bored sort, wandering the edge of my mind for stories to expound and put to paper, but I'm tired of writing for myself.  I wanna write for someone else, and have to worry about their expectations of my work - because self torture makes character and improves your productivity.  So yeah, anyone wanting anything written for them will get it.  I may take some time getting done with it, but hey this is for free and I got work.  Oh, and if you would like something written that isn't Furry-related, I will do that.  Not a problem.  I just want you to know that your piece (whatever it winds up being) will share webspace with Furry content.  I don't often do anything nasty, or anything like that, but I know a lot of people have reservations about the whole "scene" in general.

So yeah.  New-ish writer here, looking to do free works of any sort, so hit me up.

Also, I will be posting my own things on here too, so don't think I'll be completely inactive when I don't have others' projects.


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